Ganoderma is considered superior pharmaceutical products in Oriental medicine has been used over 2000 years . Ganoderma is used in fatigue , depression , liver disease , many diseases of the immune system ... magical effects of Ganoderma has been proven by modern science works . The use of Ganoderma still being studied .


Ganoderma has been known for many thousands of years ago . Qin Shi Huang wanted this mushroom should make the false self Magi brought pederasty 1500 , 1500 women sailed to the East Sea to find the elixir of life . Delegation without seeing it go back , do not know or missing out because the sea should not be afraid to make a statement about recovery . There is the theory that they have settled on the islands and the viscera of Japanese ancestry now .


Historically not know how many people have found ways to breed and grow fungus , but all failed . It was not until 1971 , two Japanese scientist named Yukio Naoi and Zenzaburo Kasai , professor of the faculty of agriculture, new Kyoto University succeeded in breeding new and it was the drugs producing a rules tissue . From that Ganoderma cultivation and use in the preparation rather than myth.


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In many countries in the world , growing mushrooms for a job with a high income . In our country , mushroom cultivation was initially developed , but no strong brand reach out to the world level . Most growers rely on experience is key , less applied science and technology , specialization , the productivity is not high .

Lingzhi is the medication you have been studying humans for a long time use . In the book " Spirit shallow draft " - a pharmacopoeia of ancient China more than 2,000 years ago also recorded many healing effects of Ganoderma . Reishi has many other names such as drugs Elves , Longevity Mushroom , grass etc. ... School student Ganoderma Formerly operated only in natural medicines , it is rare and very expensive . Prices are more expensive than sliced ​​lingzhi ounces of gold to the king should only , princess or sold to wealthy people .
Foreseeing the importance of reishi mushroom , Lingzhi VIETNAM CO., LTD launched to provide lingzhi wholesale and retail . Provide Vietnam market a large number of Lingzhi , quality products , reasonable prices in accordance with the consumer .
We will provide products to customers Yongji high quality , hoping to make you satisfied .
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English Reishi Mushroom ( Lingzhi mushroom ) is the scientific name Ganoderma Lucidum , in Hunan Lim ( Ganodermataceae ) . Reishi Mushroom also has other names such as First Draft , Mushroom longevity , Van Nien . ? ?


Reishi mushroom is a medicinal since ancient times humans have known medicinal use . In " Spirit shallow draft " - this book put into super upper Lingzhi more of ginseng products ; And the " manuscript as the" Lingzhi is considered precious drugs , said interference effects ( liver protection ) , detoxify , strengthen the mind , brain event ( the brains ) sputum consumption , diuretic , add the ( complementary stomach ) ; Recently scientists discovered China and Japan lingzhi also works to support and room anti-cancer , anti-aging and help increase longevity.


Many studies around the world have identified the substance and determine pharmacological effects of Ganoderma such as Germanium , ganoderic acid , ganodermic acid , oleic acid , ganodosteron , ganoderans , adenosine , beta - D - glucan , ? ? (especially in Yongji , with higher germanium content in ginseng to 5-8 times ) . Scientists Vietnam found in reishi mushroom contains 21 trace elements necessary for the operation and transformation of the body , such as copper, iron , potassium , magnesium , sodium , calcium ? ? .


According to traditional medicine , Ganoderma bland , the warm , add effects from robust , can add media , sedation , increased memory ? ? . But with modern medicine , then the reishi mushroom has germanium helps cells absorb oxygen better ; polysaccharit increase the body immunity , improve liver function , anti- cancer , anti- allergy ganodermic acid anti -inflammatory .