Ganoderma is considered superior pharmaceutical products in Oriental medicine has been used over 2000 years . Ganoderma is used in fatigue , depression , liver disease , many diseases of the immune system ... magical effects of Ganoderma has been proven by modern science works . The use of Ganoderma still being studied .


Ganoderma has been known for many thousands of years ago . Qin Shi Huang wanted this mushroom should make the false self Magi brought pederasty 1500 , 1500 women sailed to the East Sea to find the elixir of life . Delegation without seeing it go back , do not know or missing out because the sea should not be afraid to make a statement about recovery . There is the theory that they have settled on the islands and the viscera of Japanese ancestry now .


Historically not know how many people have found ways to breed and grow fungus , but all failed . It was not until 1971 , two Japanese scientist named Yukio Naoi and Zenzaburo Kasai , professor of the faculty of agriculture, new Kyoto University succeeded in breeding new and it was the drugs producing a rules tissue . From that Ganoderma cultivation and use in the preparation rather than myth.



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  • Reishi center added chicken stew gas

    In recent years, more flexibility is widely preferred due to its healing effects. Reishi is used in many medicinal decoction, medicinal tea, dishes ... On the 3rd issue (194 in 2010), we have introduced more flexible remedies from, this issue will introduce a number of dishes to be healing effects of Ganoderma to your reader application reference.

Additional air care , mental peace , anti-aging confusion : 100g chicken , 15g dark party , Ganoderma 15g , 20g lotus seeds , longan flesh 24g . Clean chicken , cut into pieces , more spiritual , Party ginseng , longan flesh , lotus seeds and rinse. Put all ingredients common in pot , add enough water , cook up the fire to boil, then reduce the heat to Riu Riu cook for two more hours , then add spices to taste . Energy intake option . Old age is mind- air confusion deficiency manifested spirit drowsiness , slow reactions loss , forgetfulness , depression , loss of strength .

Postpartum depression , milk feeding , elderly , sick up to recovery :
Lesson 1 : Chicken Grower ( chicken ) , chicken with evil ( black ) as possible . Clean , new mines and for 15g Ganoderma crushed into the chicken and a water- proof . Chicken cooked spicy , eat drink.
Lesson 2 : Lingzhi 15g finely chopped , 1 rooster silk cleaned ( gutting ) ginger and green onions with a moderate amount of spice . Take the chicken and half of lingzhi , ginger spice stew cooked with water then remove chicken and broth to the pot stew prepared next 15 minutes .
Concentrated Broth second is prepared with brown sugar , salt , spices , MSG with half remaining flexible spending soft steamed cooked with chicken brought to pour water all over one another pan with sesame oil cooking medium heat until chicken skin is golden red . Divided into 2 meals a day .


English Reishi Mushroom ( Lingzhi mushroom ) is the scientific name Ganoderma Lucidum , in Hunan Lim ( Ganodermataceae ) . Reishi Mushroom also has other names such as First Draft , Mushroom longevity , Van Nien . ? ?


Reishi mushroom is a medicinal since ancient times humans have known medicinal use . In " Spirit shallow draft " - this book put into super upper Lingzhi more of ginseng products ; And the " manuscript as the" Lingzhi is considered precious drugs , said interference effects ( liver protection ) , detoxify , strengthen the mind , brain event ( the brains ) sputum consumption , diuretic , add the ( complementary stomach ) ; Recently scientists discovered China and Japan lingzhi also works to support and room anti-cancer , anti-aging and help increase longevity.


Many studies around the world have identified the substance and determine pharmacological effects of Ganoderma such as Germanium , ganoderic acid , ganodermic acid , oleic acid , ganodosteron , ganoderans , adenosine , beta - D - glucan , ? ? (especially in Yongji , with higher germanium content in ginseng to 5-8 times ) . Scientists Vietnam found in reishi mushroom contains 21 trace elements necessary for the operation and transformation of the body , such as copper, iron , potassium , magnesium , sodium , calcium ? ? .


According to traditional medicine , Ganoderma bland , the warm , add effects from robust , can add media , sedation , increased memory ? ? . But with modern medicine , then the reishi mushroom has germanium helps cells absorb oxygen better ; polysaccharit increase the body immunity , improve liver function , anti- cancer , anti- allergy ganodermic acid anti -inflammatory .