Ganoderma is considered superior pharmaceutical products in Oriental medicine has been used over 2000 years . Ganoderma is used in fatigue , depression , liver disease , many diseases of the immune system ... magical effects of Ganoderma has been proven by modern science works . The use of Ganoderma still being studied .


Ganoderma has been known for many thousands of years ago . Qin Shi Huang wanted this mushroom should make the false self Magi brought pederasty 1500 , 1500 women sailed to the East Sea to find the elixir of life . Delegation without seeing it go back , do not know or missing out because the sea should not be afraid to make a statement about recovery . There is the theory that they have settled on the islands and the viscera of Japanese ancestry now .


Historically not know how many people have found ways to breed and grow fungus , but all failed . It was not until 1971 , two Japanese scientist named Yukio Naoi and Zenzaburo Kasai , professor of the faculty of agriculture, new Kyoto University succeeded in breeding new and it was the drugs producing a rules tissue . From that Ganoderma cultivation and use in the preparation rather than myth.


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  • Prevention and treatment by Ganoderma

    Ganoderma has many uses, and is particularly effective in the prevention and therapy. Ganoderma can strengthen physical effects, so when used in combination with herbs or foods other drugs increased markedly effective. Reishi also has a detoxifying effect, so when used with chemotherapy drugs or animal antibiotics will ...

Ganoderma has many uses , and is particularly effective in the prevention and therapy . Ganoderma can strengthen physical effects , so when used in combination with herbs or foods other drugs increased markedly effective . Reishi also has a detoxifying effect , so when used with chemotherapy drugs or animal antibiotics will reduce the negative side effects of chemotherapy drugs or animal antibiotics , and can reduce the drug dose antibiotics .

Ganoderma products have many kinds , such as the natural lingzhi , Reishi spores , Reishi spores ultrasound treatment , Reishi powder , high- cost components , parts chi.vv List ... These products have the same basic effect , in which Reishi spores have the best effect . Reishi powder Reishi as high Lingzhi pills, lingzhi spore ultrasound treatment using the most convenient . Lingzhi can drink the best cooking results , also sliced ​​boiled drinking water system .
Reishi has a bitter taste , but the bitterness is one of the most effective ingredients for humans . Thus advocates , ordinary people using Reishi should not be afraid bitter after using familiar will no longer feel bitter .
Ganoderma can treat conditions such as :
Effects of Ganoderma on cardiovascular disease : For patients with steatosis , fibrosis circuit , reishi mushroom is used to reduce cholesterol , increase high-density lipoprotein groups in the blood , reducing the coefficient of birth disease . Yongji reduce the tendency of platelets to shore , reduce cholesterol levels , reducing co embolism , cardiac angina relief
Ganoderma effects on regulating blood pressure : The blood pressure was high, lingzhi lowers blood pressure . For those physical weakness , low blood pressure , the reishi mushroom which heightens blood pressure due to near pleasant improvement , nutrient metabolism .
Ganoderma effects for respiratory disease : Reishi mushrooms have beneficial effects for respiratory illnesses such as bronchitis member , bronchial asthma .
Ganoderma has the ability to boost immunity to the human body : According to scientific evidences in the composition of the reishi mushroom contains a large amount of organic Germanium , Polysaccharides and Triterpenes . The composition is very good to support our immune system .
Ganoderma works to improve liver disease : According to research in science experiments lingzhi Agricultural Sciences Chungnam University , Daejeon, Korea reishi has a huge advantage in improving liver failure .
Reishi can inhibit cancer cells : reishi have a great effect in the inhibition of cancer cells such as breast cancer , prostate , lung cancer , stomach cancer . The researchers monitored group cancer patients have used Ganoderma long life time more than 5 years of life compared to non- cancer patients using lingzhi
Reishi HIV antiviral effects : In a part of Ganoderma is Ganoderma lucidum compounds , substances strongly inhibits the reproductive activity of the HIV virus . Therefore, many countries have put in Yongji therapy temporarily , to enhance immunity and support for the patients condition .


English Reishi Mushroom ( Lingzhi mushroom ) is the scientific name Ganoderma Lucidum , in Hunan Lim ( Ganodermataceae ) . Reishi Mushroom also has other names such as First Draft , Mushroom longevity , Van Nien . ? ?


Reishi mushroom is a medicinal since ancient times humans have known medicinal use . In " Spirit shallow draft " - this book put into super upper Lingzhi more of ginseng products ; And the " manuscript as the" Lingzhi is considered precious drugs , said interference effects ( liver protection ) , detoxify , strengthen the mind , brain event ( the brains ) sputum consumption , diuretic , add the ( complementary stomach ) ; Recently scientists discovered China and Japan lingzhi also works to support and room anti-cancer , anti-aging and help increase longevity.


Many studies around the world have identified the substance and determine pharmacological effects of Ganoderma such as Germanium , ganoderic acid , ganodermic acid , oleic acid , ganodosteron , ganoderans , adenosine , beta - D - glucan , ? ? (especially in Yongji , with higher germanium content in ginseng to 5-8 times ) . Scientists Vietnam found in reishi mushroom contains 21 trace elements necessary for the operation and transformation of the body , such as copper, iron , potassium , magnesium , sodium , calcium ? ? .


According to traditional medicine , Ganoderma bland , the warm , add effects from robust , can add media , sedation , increased memory ? ? . But with modern medicine , then the reishi mushroom has germanium helps cells absorb oxygen better ; polysaccharit increase the body immunity , improve liver function , anti- cancer , anti- allergy ganodermic acid anti -inflammatory .